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It is never a good time to have a dispute with a big company and there is little doubt that this will not be easy. But sometimes one must act on an inner sense of right and wrong and speak up. Society frowns upon the act of complaint as whining and selfish. Becoming consumed with a problem is negative and no one wants that. We're encouraged to move on and "Let it go." But, Sometimes one is prevented from "Moving on".

We have strong beliefs about Interstate Brands Companies and its policies; and we do not expect this company to be benevolent and affirmative when it comes to minorities. But we are not going to use this site to just give our views of IBC. Instead, we decided to create this Web Site to give others an opportunity to present their views and tell their own stories.
Because of the nature of the problem, a national curiosity has awakened. Is this just a terrible story for a few individuals or is it happening across the United States? We hope we are wrong, but we believe we will discover that this is an enormously pervasive problem.

This site is a lively, open forum for thoughts about Interstate Brands Companies' bread and snack products. Currently, the Kansas City based company doesn't have a similar forum on its own site,

It also offers employees of IBC the opportunity to voice their opinions about working conditions and policies at Interstate Brands Companies' bakeries throughout the United States. Please check back often to as we will update this site in the coming weeks to include:
  • A Nutritional Values Table of Interstate Brands Companies' products.
  • Directory of IBC's bakeries with telephone numbers, contact names and addresses.

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